Road Safety Education

Key Stage 1 - "The Road Show"

This lesson takes place in the hall, class by class, with a 'pretend' road set out including a zebra and island. Holding hands, stopping, looking and listening are all covered as well as safe places to cross in this interactive workshop.
Timings are approx 30-45 minutes per class.

Key Stage 2 - "The Little Green Man"

This workshop looks at the wide variety of road crossings out there. We'll look at Zebras, Pelicans, Puffins, Toucans and Pegasus and see why they have such strange names. Ends with the feedback quiz "We're Miles Ahead!".
A one hour (approx.) classroom session. Children take away a worksheet based on the lesson.

Key Stage 2 - "The Big Run"

This workshop looks at one of the main factors in child pedestrian accidents and aims to help children see how dangerous running across roads can be. We'll discuss this and also look at things drivers may be doing to take their attention off the road. We will also be checking some of their maths skills!
The session ends with a short video and the quiz game, "We're Miles Ahead!".
A one hour (approx.) classroom session.

Key Stage 2 - "It's Not My Fault!"

How many times have you heard that? This workshop is highly interactive, involving the whole class in a courtroom drama as they set about deciding whose fault a filmed crash is. Was it the Lady Driver, the Mushroom Wrapper, Steve the Geezer or Micah the Biker?
The four groups, having prepared their statements, have to defend their actions in this highly charged courtroom. The good news is that the Judge (the class teacher) gets to dish out the punishment to the guilty party(s).
A one hour (approx.) classroom session.

Key Stage 2 - "Happens All The Time"

This workshop looks at 11-14 year olds as a high risk pedestrian group and the factors involved in their accidents. Drawing on child casualty statistics, the session also looks at seat belt use in cars and ends with "We're Miles Ahead!", a nail-biting feedback game.
A one hour (approx.) classroom session.

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